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September 10, 2008, 01:39:57 AM
pleased to announce my guest mix this month, and their second guest mix for me, the dj/producer duo from Istanbul that grabbed my ears long ago - Alican & Soner

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Alican Yuksel & Soner Ince, from Istanbul/Turkey, got into the electronic dance since 2000, producing drum and bass and breaks tunes from their basement. Some of their early influences were legendary Essex group The Prodigy, Sasha, Nick Warren & Dave Seaman, among others. In 2003 they had a chance to meet Murat Uncuoglu, arguably Turkey’s strongest dj and producer. They gave him some of their music, he thoroughly enjoyed it, citing them as among some of the strongest new talents around the Turkish electronica scene, and eventually they got to work together in the studio, helping them hone in and develop their sound.

They signed their first records in 2004 to the likes of Dub Coast, Blue-Room Records, & Toes In The Sand Recordings. Furthermore, they have remixed 2 tracks for Murat Uncuoglu on his EP for Blue-Room Records, which saw enormous support from John Digweed on his Kiss FM radio show, Hernan Cattaneo at Creamfields, Sasha, Nick Warren, and countless others. As well they recently did collaborative work with Murat Uncuoglu on a track titled, “Murat Uncu meets Alican & Soner - Beyond Dreams”. This wound up on MV’s label, Tao Recordings, and was licensed to G-Pal & Anna Maria X’s compilation, “Back 2 Back Sessions” from Swift Records. A more recent remix they have done for Spleen Records, by Jay West called, “The Way You Walk” gained large support from the likes of all the progressive badboys, including Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Anthony Pappa, etc.

With Murat Uncuoglu, they have set up a newly made label entitled
Teknikal Rotation which will feature their own tracks, tracks from the hottest artists in Turkey and around the globe, with tracks by respectable artists in the dance scene. On another note, they host a weekly show on the largest and most premier Turkish radio station, Future Generation, also known as
FG 93.7, where they have a two hour slot. Such reputable names such as Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, James Zabiela, Steve Porter, Kasey Taylor, Max Graham, D-nox & Beckers, Quivver, Parham & Dominic Plaza, Kosmas Epsilon, Shiloh, MV, Lexicon Avenue and many others have graced the 2nd hour of their show. They have a second show with Murat Uncuoglu called Teknikal Rotation on Frisky Radio which airs monthly. Progress is continuing to be made, their accomplishments are just the beginning, and it is safe to say that many more accomplishments will grace our ears over the coming while

Teknikal Rotation
Rapid Response
Toes in the sand
Hunya Munya

as for my mix this month:

this is part 1 of a two part promo i did for the recent MercuryServer meet & greet. this party was the first of it’s kind, in regards to the Mercuryserver team all converging on one location to party down. Pensacola’s elite FSM crew hosted the weekend with a professionalism and manner in which they are known for. attendees included people from six different states as well as TomTom all the way from Frankfurt, Germany and co-founder Kamal from the Washington DC area. this weekend went down in history with the people that attended and even some of the people that only ready about it. i urge you to turn your speakers up and enjoy this mix as it was made to give the folks a taste of what was to come at them via several sets of speakers and several venues throughout the weekend.

MercuryRising 006 on MCast (September 2008) pt2 Steve James (Breakfast) ([Only registered and activated users can see links] st_-_pt2_Steve_James_(Breakfast).mp3)

MercuryRising 006 on MCast (September 2008) pt3 Steve James (Dinner) ([Only registered and activated users can see links] st_-_pt3_Steve_James_(Dinner).mp3)
**HINT** Part 3 is special--it was never released on MCast!


September 10, 2008, 03:56:05 AM
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November 13, 2008, 12:55:46 AM
This show will be missed on MCast...