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  1. It sounds very much my UK night.

  2. please di read this Danny Howells @ Monday Social, Sound Nightclub · August 18th, 2013 - Page 2

    you understand about this issues, i was in can´t believe mode like saying for real wtf !!!

    they almost hurt my ear, it still hurts

  3. Haha Totally !! He owes Hernan a lot !!

  4. i think you will understand this jeje
    Nick Warren's New Mix CD - Page 7

  5. Yeah, Firefox has downloadhelper app Works with youtube and vimeo.

  6. di, how you download this "I downloaded so I could watch at my leisure. And I really enjoyed it. !! "

    i mean like the video from vimeo, is an easy way ?


  7. ..

  8. you've read that
    Balance 025 - Danny Tegnalia - Page 4 ! ?¿

    immense news didi

    [ofcourse im not talking about tenaglia !!

  9. I will watch it. 5 would be ideal because it's not too long. If others post threads as well it should work out fine. It would be great if more events threads were put up and commented on. Simon is really good at that . But others seem to prefer Facebook

  10. if on hc forum, those "5 episodes" is not good, maybe should be 10

    what im saying is that i hope is for the better everything for all, but if not, maybe was not a good idea,

    hope is for better

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