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Thread: Droog LA - Potty Mouth Promo - February 2012

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    Droog LA - Potty Mouth Promo - February 2012


    1. Sam Russo - Cold Hands [Leftroom]
    2. Amirali - Beautiful World (Daniel Bortz remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
    3. Fletcher Jones & Georgia Girl - Moonlight [Act Natural]
    4. Gavin Herlihy - Tell Me What You Need (Inxec & Shaun Reeves remix) [Culprit]
    5. Nitin - The Nine in One (Subb-an's remix) [My Favorite Robot]
    6. Tom Budden - Unbounded [Culprit]
    7. Micha Klang & Kuronenko - Any Time You Please [Adult Only]
    8. Inland Knights - The Money (Djebali's Wild Acid remix) [Homecoming]
    9. Subb-an - What I Do (Konrad Black's "What I Did to You" remix) [Culprit]

    Magnetic Interview

    Culprit Sessions | Dyed | Droog | Clovis | 02.24.12 | LA
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    Re: Droog LA - Potty Mouth Promo - February 2012

    Enjoyed the set, very dirty.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shpira View Post
    So came back last night...
    Sven Vath was amazing...he played a god damn killer set...ended up going to that and came to at like 10 am in some whore house in south idea how I ended up there...friday was a bit of a blur got really drunk and visited several parties can't remember a whole lot to be honest hehe...saturday was probably the best day that I recall...started up in the nearest coffee shop and going from party to party...beautiful woman, beer and weed...finished the night by taking some shrooms and listening to an amazing elke kleijn set...sunday...i met a nice girl who worked at one of the coffee shops and ended up talking to her for like 6 hours...was supposed to meet her at some DnB party...but instead went for a steak and walked around red light district bars drinking and smoking...monday took it easy went to a coffee shop and took a taxi to airport....

    All in all...I think I will be going back there some time soon
    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminate View Post
    Let me get this straight.

    So white-middle class Americans have been told by their Television sets to be fearful of:

    1. Mexicans/Latinos from the South bringing drugs and killings n' shit.
    2. African Americans cause mos def they are raging a race war and want to occupy America like how the plebs occupied Wall St.
    3. Iranians/Afghans/Any one of middle eastern origin to be quite frank, cause you know Islam...
    4. North Koreans/Chinese cause you know everything...

    Am I close here?

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    Re: Droog LA - Potty Mouth Promo - February 2012

    i love dirty!
    "Not everybody can understand this house music.
    Its a spiritual thing. A body thing. Its soul thing. A soul thing. "

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