Founder of "The Groove Collection" Jerry van Schie started mixing dance music at the age of thirteen in 1980. Back then he was a big fan of the Italo disco sound. He recorded his mixes on cassette and became popular among friends. When housemusic started to get traction in Holland Jerry he also collected records and made mixes. More and more people wanted the mixes on tape, so we decided to create a collection of mixtapes named "The Groove Collection"
After thirty tapes we switched to cd's and the hands-logo was born.Four times in a year he mixed a double cd. This podcast episode of "The Groove Collection" we bring you a throwback to 2001 with first disc of CD 10.
Tracklist:01. Deep Funk Project - Blackwitch 02. Digby &Oliver - Human 03. Fever - Distorded horizon 04. Ekkoheads - Operate 05. 16 Bit vs Morel - Escape (ormid's mix) 06. Greed feat. Lesley - Promises (flight att. mix) 07. Plato - Nothing from this (Echomen Remix) 08. Dirty - Dirty 09. Brother Brown - Star cathing girl (smith/sellway mix) 10: Creamer/Stefhane k - I love you 11: Pappa & Gilbey - Skindeep 12: Nat Monday - Waiting (creamer/k mix) 13. Loudeast - Lights off

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