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Thread: Kaizen - Mercury Sessions Guest Mix

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    Kaizen - MercuryRising Guest Mix -- TODAY @ 10am (est)

    MercuryRising @

    wednesday 14th december
    10.00 (EST) // 3.00 (GMT)

    hosted by steve james with special guest


    A one hour exclusive mix from kaizen plus a one hour mix from
    steve james.

    hope you can tune in guys!!

    Like most djs starting out, the Vinyl addiction took over. Manchester based Kaizen began developing his technique Djing for both friends and family.

    Going to endless events handing out countless mix tapes. He mastered his style playing at parties by request.

    Playing at not only pubs but clubs, being offered a residency at ?The Edge? in Sheffield, Building the skills to play along side such djs as Mickey Finn, , 007,brokie, and many more???.. But he felt there was a gap, something missing, a new direction?

    He would tell you that ?the turning point came from Sasha and John Digweed, hearing their style and track selection he was hooked. Following the influences of Brian Transu, Blue Amazon but most of all the highly acclaimed 7 ways album by Paul Van Dyke.

    He has played at venues all over the UK, an Europe such as , Animal House, Nocturnal ,Twisted ,Electronique And at the dance valley event in Holland in 2002.

    favourte labels at the moment are - vapour,fade,choo choo,bedrock,underwater/pissed off ect/?..

    He is a winner who is going places!! Unique style, diverse and technically skilled he?s found his direction. Adding to his endless dj-ing he?s beginning to work on his own material within the progressive and Techouse genres. so look out for some quality realeases by him very soon!! His aims are high his ear for music is second to none and his dedication is always programmed at 110%

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    Re: Kaizen - Mercury Sessions Guest Mix

    lookin forward to it mate

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    Guys and Gals, I have to hurry/leaving for short-term vacations.
    I won't be back until next Tuesday, so if Get Carter is the correct answer, I would appreciate of someone else posts a new cap for me

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    Re: Kaizen - Mercury Sessions Guest Mix

    cheers dude hope u enjoy the set

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    Re: Kaizen - Mercury Sessions Guest Mix

    who is this Steve James you mention??

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    Re: Kaizen - Mercury Sessions Guest Mix

    some florida nerd.
    another great show lined up for tomorrow my faithful ms peeps.

    tune in for special exotic car giveaways.
    i'll be giving one lucky winner a new car every 15 minutes so listen close for the "special signal"

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    Re: Kaizen - Mercury Sessions Guest Mix


    I'm having a meeting with a teacher around that time, still hope to be able to catch at least part of it...and of course I wanna win that car
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