The druff aesthetic has been a tekno sound characterised by depth and funk; of dark, laser-lit rooms throbbing to a warm, bass-heavy pulse. It's a singular focus on letting the music define the vibe, on iconoclastic DJs who bring to bear their talent with and love for unimagined dance music.

druff on November 1st subscribes to this ideal and presents another night (and twisted morning) of fine underground techno at Club Union - a venue known for its sound system, acoustics and pretense-less atmosphere. The DJs are, again, a group of guys who let their music speak for them. Toru and Dom Pang join us from the excellent Coda parties, Yashima from Lime and Elements, Dan Elliot and Shawn Basik of Oasis Lounge infamy, and John Wenn - a new guy to town who we like. This is quality on a deep and dark Halloween night. Please join us.

druff @ Union
Saturday, November 1st
11pm - 9am

ADM: 2000/1d
With flyer (in the usual places) or guest list: 1500/1d