Blkmarket Membership invites you to join them for another extended set on Saturday 5th March by one of house music's leading DJ figures and producers, Dixon.

In an age where the minimal sounds was reigning, Dixon set out to form his own label, Innervisions along with a dj/production duo Âme. It was this label that he set up as a testing ground to introduce his view on house music. The choice was simple. It was time to either adapt... or to rebuild. It was clear from the start that this label was intended to make a difference, and it was clear that all his connections that he had made should come together under one roof. Innervisions was at first a sublabel of Sonar Kollektiv, a label that was run by Jazzanova, and soon after the first new releases became its own independent label. Today after 32 releases and counting, Innervisions has become a massive world recognized label showcasing its roster of talent such as Tokyo Black Star, Âme, Marcus Worgull, Frank Roger, Atjazz, Stefan Goldmann, Chateau Flight, Henrik Schwarz, Lil' Tony, Emmanuel Jal, Culoe De Song, Laurent Garnier, Dixon himself and much more. Dixon's ambition and drive is Blkmarket Membership truly appreciates. Needless to say, his productions, his label, and extended DJ sets are a favorite with the crew.

His DJ sets are nothing short of legendary and it is strongly suggested that you do not miss this one. Dixon will be playing a very special 4 hour set. Blkmarket Membership residents Taimur & Fahad will be opening up the night.

Saturday 5th March
Blkmarket Membership presents:

Dixon [Innvervisions] - 4 HOUR EXTENDED SET
Taimur & Fahad [Blkmarket Membership]

Good Units
New York, NY 10019
Ticketing & Info Available at:

Doors open 10pm sharp