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Thread: Anyone else mining crypto on [ms]?

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    Re: Anyone else mining crypto on [ms]?

    Anyone still into mining? Or care to share any crypto investing 101? Basically where does a novice start??
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    Re: Anyone else mining crypto on [ms]?

    Thought I'd post an update since it's been a while since my last post.

    Still have my setup and thanks to Ravencoin fork I'm now back mining Kawpow at similar profitability as Ethereum.


    In reply to REDROCK, I don't brag as my setup isn't very flash. I don't post much on social media with respect to my interest in cryptocurrency. I follow a couple of people on YouTube that keep me entertained, for example Vosk and Doug Polk.

    As for your question about long term viability of cryptocurrency, as I've previously mentioned, I have a couple of hardware wallets and use them occasionally. But IMO uptake of using cryptocurrency everyday isn't great, that's not to say it doesn't have potential. Especially in these uncertain times when handling cash with COVID19 wreaking havoc everywhere would make adoption of cryptocurrency very handy.

    With respect to laundering money or not paying taxes I think you will find, especially here in Australia, the authorities are pretty on to catching people doing nefarious things with cryptocurrency. https://www-coindesk-com.cdn.ampproj...bitcoin-crypto

    But I'll leave you to make up your own mind. For now, with the ASIC's restricted once more from the network I'm happily mining Kawpow until the situation changes and would recommend everyone at least look into what cryptocurrency offers. Get a wallet, HODL some coins who knows what the future may bring.

    Finally, with respect to solar panels. Yes that would be a great idea. There are videos showing people doing it already:

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    Re: Anyone else mining crypto on [ms]?

    My mind has changed since then - I think it’s great - congrats on capitalizing!
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    Re: Anyone else mining crypto on [ms]?

    This thread has aged epically. U.S. banks are reportedly going down. At least 2 so far.

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    Re: Anyone else mining crypto on [ms]?

    stablecoins imo... you´ll catch them at a low price these days.

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