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  1. I For One Am Pissed
  2. IMPRESSED... and the American election
  3. Situation in.................................. Iraq
  4. Fahrenheit 9/11 turns up the heat
  6. Election results in Belgium
  7. What happened to the WMDs?
  8. Definition
  9. WTF U.N.?
  10. How do the world see Mr.Bush?(Terminator)
  11. Just MORE of those crazy, anti-American liberals
  12. "Fair and Balanced"
  13. Difference in American/Canadian Politics
  14. No sh*t Sherlock...
  15. acidosis
  16. President Bush says there was a relationship with...
  17. Maybe It's Just Me...
  18. Should there be a politics forum... Discuss
  19. Those terrorist pussies!!
  20. Hostage beheaded by Al Qaeda
  21. Financial Times Editorial
  22. Saddam given to new Iraqi government?
  23. "Perspicacity"
  24. I have a question about war crimes and the UN
  25. New York Times: Will Michael Moore's Facts Check Out?
  26. US media
  27. Liberals ...
  28. Iran Vs. UK
  29. Michael Moore's crap.
  30. Remaining silent IS ILLEGAL in the USA !!!!
  31. Excellent question
  32. Farenheight Lies?
  33. Where do you fall on the political spectrum?
  34. Another Hostage Beheaded by Al Qaeda
  35. Effin Liberals
  36. congrats on the new forum!
  37. It's all connected - Just ask Tony Soprano
  38. Jun04 article: Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries WHouse Aides
  39. The Guardian Investigates Prisoner Abuse
  40. Bill Clinton's My Life
  41. Michael Moore and His Lies, EXPOSED!!
  42. Now here's a different idea about why we went to war in Iraq
  43. Good Read
  44. 'Impact Teams' sent to 15 cities.
  45. Reality is unravelling for Bush
  46. More WMD Artillery shells found
  47. Iraq sought opposition to Saudi Arabia w/ Al Qaeda
  48. 5 Facts People Could Learn From Farenheight 9/11
  49. AMERICA SEES FARENHEIGHT 911 - The Response
  50. Militants (?) at it again!
  51. John Kerry quotes
  52. Excellent Question part II
  53. U.S. transfers sovereignty to Iraq 2 days early
  54. George Bush Quotes
  55. Fairenheit Fact's ??
  56. Fahrenheit 9/11: That Was It?
  57. Is Bush winning the war on terror?
  58. Michael Moore's new film in 2005
  59. Replace Bush with a Bobblehead doll
  60. michael moore cant handle his own medicine
  61. Get ready for the draft
  62. The hostage bit continues....
  63. Minority government elected in Canada
  64. NYT: Bush approval rating sinks to lowest level ever
  65. Another victory by George W.
  66. Mother of dead marine has her say about Farenheight 9/11
  67. Addicted to Refuse
  68. Bush's War on Terror stymies enemy
  69. Democrat Ed Koch: Moore's Film Is Shocking Propoganda
  70. High Noon on June 30
  71. Iraq to get legal custody of Saddam
  72. Attack Iran, US chief ordered British
  73. Should Saddam be executed?
  74. Nine killed on first day of Iraq government
  75. Fox News Fox News Fox News
  76. who is more killer Saddam or Bush?
  77. Haha....This is great
  78. Is it me or this becoming a US politics forum?
  79. Chomsky - is he or isn't he?
  80. Moore contradicted in Newsweek.
  81. To bring some fun into this forum ;)
  82. George Monbiot's 'World Parliament' anyone?
  83. Confirmation - Sarin Warheads found in Iraq
  84. IRAQ - Was it worth the cost?
  85. happy
  87. America under Bush: The Loss of Freedom
  88. Terror in the Skies... Again?
  89. fox news
  90. teehee
  91. More John Kerry quotes
  92. The truth about John Kerry.
  93. My vote
  94. John Kerry v. John Edwards
  95. Bush administration withholds $34m from family planning fund
  96. The Great Canadian Pot Debate
  97. Schwarzenegger calls Dems 'girlie men'
  98. Brazil Set to Start Shooting Down Drug Planes
  99. What's going on with Iraq's money?
  100. French Jews issue
  101. The Arabian Candidate
  102. Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican
  103. Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican
  104. Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican
  105. Even Sasha doens't like Bush!
  106. President Bush can't win..
  107. Kerry running on Urban Mythology
  108. Kerry Dumps Controversial Berger
  109. Bush wants to be "Peace President"
  110. Starting to see more black Conservatives
  111. this land belongs to bush and kerry
  112. "America is a nation of conspiracy-theorists!"
  113. Bush takes no personal responsibility for Iraq WMD errors
  114. Paul van dyk's Rock the vote tour kinda irritates me
  115. Pakistan's role in Sept 11 and subsequent craziness
  116. Not just delegates at the DNC...
  117. 9/11 Report - Correcting the Record on Sept. 11, in detail
  118. What a class act
  119. Seymour Hersh - Interesting read
  120. Bill Clinton --- Better chance at beating Bush than Kerry?
  121. Bush/Cheney v. Kerry Edwards -- Who will win?
  122. [MercuryServer] Presidential Election
  123. Johnny Boy does it again.....
  124. Moore versus O'Reilly
  125. Is it just me..
  126. Afghanistan - the forgotten 'coalition' blackmark
  127. Blame and responsibility: a flexible noose
  128. High ranking Al Qaeda captured in Pakistan
  129. Protectors of decency? More like greedy manipulative SOBs
  130. Kerry to Challenge Bush Over Iraq War
  131. kerry's acceptance speech - LEAKED!
  132. will soldiers in iraq/afghanastan be allowed to vote?
  133. FYI -- Latest Polls
  134. John Kerry and John Edwards wives -- what a couple of skanks
  135. White House Projects Record $445B Deficit
  136. Where are the good American leaders?
  137. Unhappy Workers Should Take Prozac --Bush Campaigner
  138. jibjab
  139. FAO Superdave
  140. Latest Zogby Poll Spells Trouble for W
  141. Bush Administration AGAIN trying to scare America
  142. Republicans and Democrats? why just this two?
  143. inmmunity for USA soldiers? JA!
  144. In light of recent news...
  145. Bush, lmao
  146. Hey guess what... there's oil in Sudan
  147. Local news in your town
  148. gotta love missouri
  149. FYI -- Zogby Poll Shows Kerry Ahead 291-215
  150. Unabashed Racist Wins GOP Primary in TN
  151. Build a better Bush
  152. Like polls?
  153. Impact of Terror Attack on Election
  154. Straight Talk from the White House West in Crawford, TX
  155. Backfire
  157. Jenks - what happened to your sandwich?
  158. Suitcase bombs in NYC
  159. Limbaugh v. O'Reilly
  160. US Olympians banned from flag waving.
  161. The UN invited to monitor US elections
  162. Swing Voters & Stem Cell Research
  163. New Jersey Governor Resigns Because.....
  164. Muqtada al-Sadr
  165. did you see the olimpic inauguration??
  166. How Bush lost his own re-election
  167. How Bush lost his own re-election
  168. finally...i just saw Farenheit 9/11
  169. King Kerry...
  170. Edit: now Civic's read it - the US presidential 'choices'
  171. Bush and Evangelical Christians
  172. Amazon review of "My Pet Goat"
  173. Iraqis now have the freedom of speech
  174. Kerry Resume
  175. George W. Bush Resume
  176. New political movie: 'Uncovered: the War in Iraq'
  177. poli_funny
  178. Controversy heats up over electronic voting machines
  179. Backfire, Part II
  180. Bob Dole Owes Veterans An Apology Himself
  181. Crackdown on Spam
  182. Kerry Phones Vietnam Vets To Apologize
  183. Probably not the best idea by terrorists...
  184. Huh???
  185. Rare kudos for Cheney
  186. Development of a new type of bomb!
  187. blair refuses medal of honour from bush
  188. Alternative Media Sources
  189. Canadian MP calls U.S. 'idiots'
  190. The New Box Office Smash
  191. Grass-root Republicans form pro-Kerry group
  192. 100,000+ protest Bush/War in NYC - No major violence :)
  193. "Catastrophic Success"
  194. boooooooooooooooooo!
  195. RNC in NYC
  196. Stop Wasting Your Vote on Idiots
  197. Bush says US can't win War on Terror
  198. Reason #645,873 to Avoid The RNC
  199. Kerry vs Gulliani
  200. Payback is a bitch
  201. A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican
  202. What does 9/11 tell us about Bush? Nothing.
  203. I'M SCARED!!!
  204. Should presidents who lie about Nat-Security be re-elected?
  205. Dick Cheney, Dark Overlord
  206. the last few minutes of the speech
  207. is this a joke?
  208. setting the record straight
  209. Prediction: Iraq in the headlines will go away soon
  210. August was worst month in Iraq for US
  211. Classic Bushism
  212. Bush's National Guard Record
  213. Bush in Numbers
  214. terrorism according to Leha
  216. CNN in Bed with KERRY campaign
  217. repuplicans blamed for no electric cars
  218. Dems claim Bush never served in Air Force...
  219. .
  220. Anti-Globalization/Anti-War groups and links to terrorists
  221. While you were sleeping
  222. Father Knows Best
  223. Top Democrat rips the Kerry campaign.
  224. !!NEWS FLASH!!
  225. Objective Political Reporting
  226. Reward for Bush' proof of service
  228. Kerry and Bush on science
  229. Great Speeches by the candidates:What's your favorite line?
  230. A little humor for once...
  231. Fucking Liberal Scum ...
  232. White House Limiting Press Access
  233. Get Your Liberal Kryptonite Here!
  234. The FUTURE is SAVED!!!! YAY for the FUTURE!!!
  235. Kerry supporters pick on 11 yo girl
  236. You Decide The Correct Document ...
  237. It's official.
  238. The "Possible" First Lady ...
  239. FoxNews: Top Republicans blast Bush on Iraq
  240. Oh fuck not again......
  241. Any guesses who will win the election?
  242. Kerry talks about stopping outsourcing but wait a sec!
  243. Election In Australia
  244. And we just watch it happen
  245. non bush lover ...
  246. CBS Arranged Meeting with Kerry Campaign.
  247. All The President's Spin
  248. Polotical Compass
  249. Cat Stevens Denied Entry To US
  250. Ahnold keeping californians safe!