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March 27, 2008, 09:25:34 PM
dropping in for the second time this month with a special two part mix from
Barish Turker. Barish is no stranger to MercuryRising or MercuryServer, so
it's nice to welcome him back on the show. this month he's put together two
mixes exclusively for mCast and they are a perfect compliment to each other.

available only at mCast ([Only registered and activated users can see links])

(There was no Steve James mix this month. -Team MercuryServer)

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Barish Turker

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Barish is a dedicated music lover and an established dj. His passion for music began with his long escapades into the world of R'n'b and Soul. His mad nights during the early times of Twilo made him fall in love with electronic music and its performance.

After winning a mixing competition held by New York City’s DJ Mark Divine (Sound Factory), Barish secured himself two local weekly residencies at the Leopard Lounge and Liquids sharing the booth respectively with Mark Divine (D3) and Julio Terra (MuzakTherapy).

After returning to his native country , Barish quickly became a resident at Turkey’s most prestigious clubs such as Crystal, Nuclub and Underground. During this time Barish has become one of the principal member DJs of the highly regarded “Together” crew notably comprising international house talents such as Yunus Guvenen, Subsky, Muzo B, Fuchs. His evergrowing ‘Wet’n’Juicee’ nights at NuClub had been a landmark for house music lovers in the past few years and his residency at Buz started to made a great impact not to mention his opening performance for François K at Istanbul’s Surmeli and an extended set at Dinamo’s Radar Live Festival.

Barish has been DJ’ing with a pious dedication since early 2000 and his hard work is felt in his key mixing abilities and exceptional track selection. He is known by his friends as one of the most disciplined and motivated Dj in the country, nothing can tear him apart from the booth not even a broken leg! His blend of unique sounds, genre defying variations and rather hypnotic approach has caught the attention of IDJ magazine, which commented his set with great review in the Readers’ Mixes Section on May 2003 issue. Barish has started to host for 34 BPM shows on the internet’s leading dance broadcast Proton Radio after his brilliant guest mixes and his sets also appeared on selected radio servers such as Mercurysessions, Musicserver.uk, Frisky, etc.

Barish has been performing around the US and eastern Europe for the last few years including
- Miami (Proton Radio Party w/Subsky, Dinamo Party w/ Fuchs, Joshua Collins.., Red Flag Collective & Angora Records’ Collaborative party w/ Ozgur Can, Astro&Glyde..)
- New York (Swamy’s Sunday night party at Le Souk w/ Astro & Glyde, Loft’n’Space Party at Robots)
- Hartford (Red Flag Collective Release Party w/ Yunus)
- Bulgaria (Life House & Comics Club)
- Poland (Piekarnia, Klatka & Mandragora)
- Romania (Kristal Club)
- Hungary (Dokk Club - Red Flag Collective Release Party w/ Yunus)
- Russia (live performance with Burhan Öçal at Turquality Fashion Project at Moscow’s Music House)

Barish and Muzo B’s collaborative project, a Digweed favorite “Adequate Medication”, was first spotted at Sasha&Digweed Coloursfest ’03 radio set and released on December through Red Flag Collective, a record label he started with Yunus Güvenen, Subsky and Muzo B being responsible for label's promotion and also working as the A&R Coordinator along with Subsky. Barish and Muzo’s other monstrous project ‘Intra-Venous’ took place on Digweed’s September ’05 Chart and got released through their digital platform.

Barish is also the musical director of Istanbul’s independent electronic music station Dinamo 103.8 ([Only registered and activated users can see links]). The imprint has been shaking the airwaves for the last few years and it did not take them too long to be chosen as the most listened alternative radio station in Turkey, that also led Bpm magazine (Sept. 2005 issue) to cover the growing success in its ‘Istanbul Shakers’ article including an interview with Barish himself.

- Barish’s LOW and Section shows can be heard live on Dinamo 103.8 through the following slots.

LOW – Monday (21:00 Istanbul / 19:00 GMT / 02:00 pm EST)

Section - Wednesday (23:00 Istanbul / 21:00 GMT / 04:00 pm EST)

Sunday (02:00am Istanbul) - Saturday (22:00 GMT / 07:00 pm EST)

- His live performance can be caught at Buz, Club Crystal, Club Clinic, The Hall, Otto Santral and other various clubs and events.

- Check out Barish’s blogs through ‘[Only registered and activated users can see links]; to download latest Proton, Section and LOW sets.