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  1. thanks again and again! great music in those mixes!!!!
  2. You mite not have this one either
  3. thanks again! I am really enjoying the Jackpot records mix, its amazing. I love that style of house. Im waiting for my copy of MIAMI-GU
    thanks man! have a nice day
  4. You mite want this one if you don't already have it
  5. didn't know that one! thanks again! direct to my mp3 player
  6. You mite want to try this one as well
  7. nice!!!!! you rock
    Ill D/L it as soon as I get home. thank you so much!
  8. it would be great!!!! edm cds are very hard to find here, because there is not much import (too expensive). I bought NF3 when it came out because in that time, every cd in argentina was imported, even local bands recorded in the us or europe. I bought NF3 again through secondspin some days ago, and I'm happy to have it again. thanks!!!
  9. Hey I will sort you out a copy of NF 1 tomorrow when I'm back from work
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