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Thread: Happy birthday, [ms]!

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    DUDERZ get a life!!! Micko's Avatar
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    Re: Happy birthday, [ms]!

    So much quality music over the years - amazing really

    Long live MS - I may well have to give some birthday mixes a whirl

    ^ I recall that beenz and cheez fiend - he was some character if my memory serves me right

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    Re: Happy birthday, [ms]!

    Yea we started May 2, 2002 when algy handed over the domain name, we designed our first phpBB board and went live. Helluva a journey it's been for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ace_dl View Post
    Guys and Gals, I have to hurry/leaving for short-term vacations.
    I won't be back until next Tuesday, so if Get Carter is the correct answer, I would appreciate of someone else posts a new cap for me

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    Re: Happy birthday, [ms]!

    Wow long time. We made it! I really thought it was going to go down a few years ago.

    But it didn't. So many good memories - bobjuice calling me homophobic, everyone calling me tin hat, racist guy.. ahh where has the time gone.
    Cheers everyone!

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    Re: Happy birthday, [ms]!

    Happy birthday ms!!!!!!

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    Anyone have Styx livesets? Huggie Smiles's Avatar
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    Re: Happy birthday, [ms]!

    so it really is 15 years!!! wow.

    that also means its 5 years since Digweed gave us his set for the birthday mixes.(!!)

    Time. Flies.
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    Re: Happy birthday, [ms]!

    Thanks to the net being so much smaller then, made it easier to type in John Digweed into a search and shows up on the first page.
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    Re: Happy birthday, [ms]!

    Wow. 5 years flies by !

    This release was mastered direct from vinyl at the request of the DJ and as such features natural sound characteristics of this medium such as record surface noise.

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    Re: Happy birthday, [ms]!

    Quote Originally Posted by thebanned1 View Post


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    Re: Happy birthday, [ms]!

    Feels awesome to be part of 15 years with an online community! [ms] will always rock and to the guys that keep it going.... hats off !
    ~ Music is my great escape ~

    Berghain Calling.....

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