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Thread: Using for permanent DJ set backups

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    Using for permanent DJ set backups

    So, takes anything and everything anyone wants to upload. I've been re-organizing my Transitions archive and have like 100GB uploaded there already, in addition to some other stuff. They have petabytes already of audio, and also random DJ sets folks have uploaded.

    Anyone can upload data and their system just lets you download whatever via simple urls once things are uploaded, and even it auto-generates .torrent links for all of the files in your collection.

    This would be a great place to archive everything, since there are tons of old links here I'd like to download, but we know how the normal free megaupload type sites always go offline and likely isn't going anywhere.

    The only thing I would see is how to try and coordinate this so folks who want to do so can upload and are tech savvy, and also keeping things organized etc.


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    Re: Using for permanent DJ set backups

    ^^ Link ??
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    Re: Using for permanent DJ set backups

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    ^^ Link ??

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    Re: Using for permanent DJ set backups

    yeah you can search their collections there and fine all kinds of cool stuff. The insane thing is you can just upload TB's of content and they'll store if for you and not bat an eye. Tons of music etc already is there.

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