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Thread: Luke Fair - Spring 2004 (Promo)

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    Re: Luke Fair - Spring 2004 (Promo)

    I just wanted to thank you guys for putting the trracklist for this set online. I have been recently listening to it again, and I'd really love to find some of those tracks to play out sometime.

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    Re: Luke Fair - Spring 2004 (Promo)

    [QUOTE = jeffrey collins; 151485] Eu só queria agradecer a vocês por colocarem a trracklist para este conjunto online. Recentemente, estive ouvindo novamente e adoraria encontrar algumas dessas faixas para tocar algum dia. [/ QUOTE]

    Cara, eu só queria saber o nome da Track 07 que vem antes de Wake Up, Nunca encontrei, nem como Reno, nem como Harry Peat.....

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    Re: Luke Fair - Spring 2004 (Promo)

    Hi, Track number 7 is by producer Reno and is called Rock n roll and the version is by Eskimo.
    Reno - Rock N Roll (Eskimo edit)

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