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Thread: Dosem @ Nitsa Club, Barcelona - 12-09-2008

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    Dosem @ Nitsa Club, Barcelona - 12-09-2008

    If You Can Walk_you Can Dance ...

    Trippy Sounds

    deeper into the darkness of the underground.

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    Re: Dosem @ Nitsa Club, Barcelona - 12-09-2008

    This is one of the best sets I heard last year, blew me away

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    Re: Dosem @ Nitsa Club, Barcelona - 12-09-2008


    00.00> LOOPS
    07.50> SOLANO
    14.15> DIAGONAL
    17.45> DEBERT
    19.30> FAKE - DOSEM REMIX (Original track by Black I.C.E./Unreleased)
    21.50> SEVEN WAYS
    24.26> PARAISO (SINO 20)
    26.45> LOOPS
    29.00> INNOCENT LOVERS - DOSEM EDIT (Original track by Graeme Revell - BSO The Crow)
    30.50> NOT FOR SALE - DOSEM REMIX (Original track by Black I.C.E./Unreleased)
    35.40> HACK THE PLANET
    39.00> DELIVERY
    42.30> FUTURE CITY
    46.40> DON'T GIVE UP - DOSEM REMIX (Original track by bRUNA/sPARK)
    50.50> BEACH KISSES - nitsa glitch edit (Neue Lärmklassiker 0
    55.40> 146 LIFES (SINO 23)
    60.41> FUNK ME
    63.10> BELIEVE
    65.30> LOOPS
    70.50> CHOPPER
    73.30> DURUM (SINO 23 )
    75.00> INCIDENT - DOSEM REMIX (Incident Remixes /SINO 2009 - Original track by Joris Voorn)

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    Re: Dosem @ Nitsa Club, Barcelona - 12-09-2008

    Dosem for me is one of the biggest revelations of the past 12 months. Deep melodic techno at it´s best.

    Thanks for this one!

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    Re: Dosem @ Nitsa Club, Barcelona - 12-09-2008

    Never heard it before, will check it out.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shpira View Post
    So came back last night...
    Sven Vath was amazing...he played a god damn killer set...ended up going to that and came to at like 10 am in some whore house in south idea how I ended up there...friday was a bit of a blur got really drunk and visited several parties can't remember a whole lot to be honest hehe...saturday was probably the best day that I recall...started up in the nearest coffee shop and going from party to party...beautiful woman, beer and weed...finished the night by taking some shrooms and listening to an amazing elke kleijn set...sunday...i met a nice girl who worked at one of the coffee shops and ended up talking to her for like 6 hours...was supposed to meet her at some DnB party...but instead went for a steak and walked around red light district bars drinking and smoking...monday took it easy went to a coffee shop and took a taxi to airport....

    All in all...I think I will be going back there some time soon
    Quote Originally Posted by Illuminate View Post
    Let me get this straight.

    So white-middle class Americans have been told by their Television sets to be fearful of:

    1. Mexicans/Latinos from the South bringing drugs and killings n' shit.
    2. African Americans cause mos def they are raging a race war and want to occupy America like how the plebs occupied Wall St.
    3. Iranians/Afghans/Any one of middle eastern origin to be quite frank, cause you know Islam...
    4. North Koreans/Chinese cause you know everything...

    Am I close here?

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    Re: Dosem @ Nitsa Club, Barcelona - 12-09-2008

    Quote Originally Posted by balErik View Post
    This is one of the best sets I heard last year, blew me away
    Thank you for the recommendation Erik agree 100%. this was easily one of the best sets in my memory. Love the beautiful melodies over the techno beats. Will grab whatever I can from him. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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    Are you Kidding me?? Adzey's Avatar
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    Re: Dosem @ Nitsa Club, Barcelona - 12-09-2008

    luv it cheers

    "Working like a wizard he doesn't jump around much or react much to what he is playing but the place is going nuts"

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    Re: Dosem @ Nitsa Club, Barcelona - 12-09-2008

    good stuff, very good stuff. really enjoying these SINO guys atm - Dosem, Technasia etc Voorn as well

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