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Thread: How often do you have Random T**ugh,s

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    Re: How often do you have Random T**ugh,s

    just logged in to find petty BS on the past couple pages of this thread. cool

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    Re: How often do you have Random T**ugh,s

    The last 30 posted in this thread have been epic.

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    Re: How often do you have Random T**ugh,s

    Quote Originally Posted by DIDI View Post
    You are foul. Not one of us here should be throwing stones, but I think most of us have redeeming features and do add in some way to the forum. You however are all the crap things you call everyones else and then some. I find it almost incomprehensible that you have been doing this for years and have never been banned.

    You must have a very bitter life.
    You must have a even more boring one if you came here a few days later.

    And thanks for proving banned1's comment of a double standard.

    If sbando didn't want any, he should have shut the fuck up and maybe kept his stupid comments to himself and maybe stayed on track with the conversation. Now he's trying to avoid it altogether, probably because he realizes how foolish he looks with his response. It's a shame you possess the same sense - you'll turn a blind eye and focus on attacking the person harassed rather than the toxic behavior that is perpetuated by Chris.

    And speaking of, hey look, Chris came back and doesn't want to answer why he's stalking board members - what a guy! I'm sure he'll just back the fuck off just like sbando did, just like he did when he got his ass slammed and didn't like it. Standard operating procedure for the pussy he is.
    Score so far: Owned ZoverTard 8 times - twice in one week! Twice more in same weekend.

    More than six months later - he's still pissed LOL - check the last visitor - guess who the last visitor is on my profile page.

    His newest incarnation this week:♫♫♫♫♫♫

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    Re: How often do you have Random T**ugh,s

    this place = 1 set of train tracks, 2 trains with no breaks heading towards each other at 5 mph

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