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Thread: Transitions 358 with a Piemont guest mix.

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    Transitions 358 with a Piemont guest mix.

    A great little show this week so I thought I'd also through a thread up here. The downloads are in P & R.

    Transitions 358

    Hour 1: John Digweed

    01. Soul Camp - Walk With Sound (Arnaud Le Texier 2 for 1 Remix) [Bullet:Dodge Records | BDR035]
    02. Nublu Orchestra - Sciubba Diving (
    Claude VonStroke '011 Retwist) [Dirtybird Records | DB054]
    03. &ME — Empire State [Keinemusik | KM010]
    Martin Buttrich - Rocket (Fire Flies EP) [Desolat | Desolat017]
    05. Aux 88 pres. Black Tokyo - Soul of Black (Arthur Oskan Beat Remix) (Remix Session 1) [Puzzlebox | PBX-18]
    06. Vinayak A – Losing Myself feat. Dhrithi (
    Chris Fortier Remix) [Particles | Promo]
    07. Marc Antona - Prohibition Circus (Rules Of Madness EP Part 1) [Dissonant | DS004]
    Christian Smith
    - Cabeçudas [Bedrock Records | Bed98]

    Release Notes :

    01. Soul Camp - Walk With Sound (Arnaud Le Texier 2 for 1 Remix) [Bullet:Dodge Records | BDR035]

    Bulletdodge Records Release BDR035 - Soul Camp ‘Walk With Me' Ep
    Werner Niedermeier and Sefty join forces as Soul Camp!!!
    Featuring 2 original tracks and 3 awesome remixes from
    Silicone Soul, Jo Mills & Gareth Whitehead and Arnaud Le Texier!

    Track 1 Soul Camp Walk with Me Original mix
    Track 2 Soul Camp Walk with Me
    Silicone Soul remix
    Track 3 Soul Camp Soundshift Original mix
    Track 4 Soul Camp Soundshift Jo Mills & Gareth Whitehead remix
    Track 5 Soul Camp Walk with Sound
    Arnaud Le Texier 2 for 1 remix

    (Track 5 is a
    hybrid remix featuring elements from both original tracks - far out man!!!)

    Scottish based Bulletdodge Records is a collective movement of like-minded musicians and dj’s whose focus is to challenge the limits of contemporary electronic music. It focuses on delivering consistantly innovative house and techno music that pushes boundaries and charters new musical territories.

    Another funky exclusive release on the great Bullet:Dodge, these guys are getting better and better and with this release will surely set a mark! as it features cool remixes by Silicon Soul and the french techno master
    Arnaud le Texier
    who runs one of the coolest labels in france "Safari Electronique" and made the Hit of the year for Cocoon with his "Elusanes" track. Also here he goes way deep.. very good !

    Soul Camp is Werner Niedermeier [Supplement Facts] and Sefty Sersseludis.

    Werner started his DJ career in the early 90s in Germany pioneering house in a “techno world”. Travelling around the globe, Werner played to appreciative clubbers at prestigious venues such as Yellow (Tokyo), Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin) and Rex Club (Paris). Tired of the same old sound and looking to do something new, he created his own label together with production partner Sefty called Soul Camp Recordings in 1999.

    Werner went on to work with labels such as Tracks Of Interest, Liquid Sound Lounge, Sense Music, EFA and Patt Recordings. Werner also worked on remixes for artists like Reel People, Terry Callier, Lenny Fontana,
    Phonique, Worldless People and Robert Owens to name but a few. After living in Berlin for many years, he decided to move to London after a one year stay in Majorca where he had DJ residencies at Pacha, Garito Café and Tito’s.In London he started to work at the infamous Flying Records Shop, joined the production outfit Notenshun and worked for Chillifunk Records as a studio engineer.

    As Notenshun, together with Lofty, they released two Albums called ‘Traffic’ and ‘Unfinished Business' and had numerous releases in cooperation with Sandy Mill, Ultra Nate, Ann Saunderson and remixed the likes of Nathan Haines,
    Spirit Catcher, Sequential Soul (GoGo Music), M-Swift & Diplomats Of Soul (Incognito). In 2006 he joined Miss Jools’s monthly “Clandestino” event at Mr. C’s AKA/The End as a resident DJ.

    New releases and remixes on labels such as Phonica Records, Wandering (Mojuba), Mobilee, Blitz, Resopal, Catwash, Broque, Room With A View and BCBtec due to the period of 2007 to 2009. 2010 already started very busy again for Werner, with productions to be released on Blitz, Supplemental, Sweat Lodge Records, Broque and Bullet:Dodge as well as remixes for
    Guy Gerber
    and Pig & Dan on labels such as Boxer Recordings and Supplement Facts and a current release on Cocoon’s Frank Lorber label Nummer Schallplatten.

    02. Nublu Orchestra - Sciubba Diving (
    Claude VonStroke '011 Retwist) [Dirtybird Records | DB054]

    Claude VonStroke created dirtybird records in 2005 and continues to run A&R and daily operations. In between classic releases like “Who’s Afraid of Detroit” and “Vocal Chords” VonStroke managed to also produce a large catalog of remixes. A typical VonStroke remix does not fall into the category of “said track getting redone with a new drum beat and some dub effects on top.” No, the typical VonStroke remix tends to be a complete re-work from the ground up.

    The “Makeovers” cd is a compilation of some of Claude’s best re-twists, some of which are so far removed they can almost be considered original works. This collection was put together with this theme in mind, the remix as an inspiring starting point for an entirely new piece of music. This is not just a grab bag of old remixes thrown together. All of the remixes have been carefully remastered from the original files at Air Studios, London by Matt Colton. Some have even been re-made and edited by Claude to sound better than the first go around. Three of the remixes are brand new only having been just released in May and June of this year. But no matter when or how they were made, from “Warpaint” to “Percolator,” we think you will agree this is a superb collection of productions from one of the most creative remixers in dance music.

    03. &ME — Empire State [Keinemusik | KM010]

    Not unlike the first chapter, Workparty 2 mirrors the status quo within the Keinemusik camp. Featuring Rampa, &ME, David Mayer and
    Adam Port, it covers all of the crews producing stakeholders, starting off with Adam Port’s “86”.
    A track that slowly blows itself up, letting a jolly bassline shimmer in the background, plucking its way through to imply distant memories of Ports classic track "Boogie Bass". However, "86" takes one step further. With its catchy saxophone samples, a swinging vibe and its irresistible build-up it peers towards peaktime much more than Ports 12inch debut.

    Following up on 02, Rampa lights up some kind of afterburner to his last and ever startling Keinemusik-single "Work". "Meggy’s Desire" develops itself in a surprisingly minimalistic manner, galloping along in reduced beatpatterns and heading towards a soulful vocal part, which is ought to open up every one's heart. With the whole thing being rounded off with emotive piano-arrangements, it will sure make its way into those setlists that prefer class to the all too trivial.

    The opening of the flipside belongs to David Mayer and another one of his compelling techfunk-monuments. Naming this one “Blank Sheets” is nothing but an understatement, as it’s not blank at all. It actually carries the gloomiest groove we have heard in a while. Whilst his earlier works were breathing a rather subcooled machine room atmosphere, this piece is definitely his hottest iron so far.

    As soon as the challenging punch of his first bars appear at the beginning of 04, one could assume, &ME made an arrangement with his B-side partner. "Empire State" also emits a somber, technoid vibe, and its frantic pulse leaves no one cold. In difference to his catchy arranged Keinemusik Milestones "F.I.R." and "One Day", &ME takes on the mantra of the essential groove. In its break, however, he will spank the whole floor's booty with his whole heart and some drumrolls.

    Released by: Keinemusik
    Release/catalogue number: KM010
    Release date: Jun 23, 2011

    Martin Buttrich - Rocket [Desolat | Desolat017]

    Grammy nominated Hannover producer
    Martin Buttrich gets down to business with this sharply delineated four track EP, his first release since his 'Crash Test' LP on Desolat.

    Buttrich is known for his deft hand with spacious, warm tracks that crackle and snap. His propulsive techno and house music re filled with compressed living sounds. On tracks like "Fireball" and "Magic Market", crisp percussion shimmers around snug-fitting basslines, with snares and toms moving the speaker cones insistently. "Fireball" will quietly smash the dancefloor, with rhythms so taut you could bounce nickels off them.

    The heavy kick of "Rocket" anchors it to agitated drums slowly enveloped by a melodic soup, inflected with disrupted noises as it sweeps over the listener. "20 Ways" has a reflective and fresh feel, like city lights seen through rain, with a peppy beat that swaggers along. Then there's that bass again, bringing disarming warmth, and always with the underlying influences of reggae, hip hop and soul. Music lovers who purchase the vinyl release will be treated to a free download voucher for all the digital versions, as well as additional bonus tracks.

    The 4 bonus tracks won't be available to digital-onlycustomers at this time. Buttrich, renowned for his savvy studio technique, has spent recent years developing a sound that appeals to both sides of the brain: having dropped records on labels such as Planet E, Four:Twenty, Cocoon, Poker Flat and Desolat that encompass the entire spectrum between dreaminess, intuition, melancholy, and highly calibrated dancefloor precision. Meanwhile his catalogue stretches round some of the most influential dance tracks heard around the globe since 1992.

    Genre Tech house
    Label Desolat
    Release date 7/11/2011
    Format 12"
    Vendor item no. Desolat017
    Number AC155604


    1/1 Martin Buttrich Fire Ball
    1/2 Martin Buttrich Magic Market
    2/1 Martin Buttrich Rocket
    2/2 Martin Buttrich 20 Ways

    Martin Buttrich returns to Desolat, the label he founded with
    Loco Dice. Buttrich is a producer that defies genres - equally at home in Berlin or Detroit, with his music loved and played by by the minimal, tech house and progressive crews Martin appears on iconic labels from Planet E to Cocoon and from Poker Flat to Bedrock, whether it's composing originals like Stoned Autopilot or one of a relentless stream of HQ remixes like 'Dolphin Smack' for Ovum.

    Martin Buttrich] is something of a mystery. Quiet and unassuming in real life, Buttrich is the quintessential silent studio partner. Or at least he used to be. In collaboration, he’s produced pop (The Sugarbabes), Italo house (Sounds of Life) and progressive (over one hundred collaborations with Timo Maas). He’s even been nominated for a Grammy (remixing Tori Amos ‘Don't Make Me Come to Vegas’). But it wasn’t until 2006 that Buttrich came to prominence under his own name, releasing 12”s on Four:Twenty, Poker Flat and Carl Craig‘s Planet-E (‘Full Clip’). Buttrich still collaborates, chiefly working behind the studio desk for Loco Dice. Martin Buttrich runs Time Tools studio in Hannover, Germany but is currently based in New York

    [Desolat] Not so long ago two great friends left the country where they lived and moved to Brooklyn, NY. There they re-builded their studio, produced new tracks far away from day-in day-out madness of the life they left behind for a while. In this creative and intimate isolation the idea of the label came up – just like the next step to be taken in their intense relation. In July 2007 this idea became reality when Desolat was born. Desolat is now a Düsseldorf-based label founded by
    Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich.

    Pulse Radio Interview (Excerpt)

    What do you have coming up for the next year?

    Right now I have an EP coming out on Desolat with ten tracks. Five are going to come out on vinyl and those who buy the vinyl can go to Beatport to download the other five. Basically only those who buy the vinyl are able to get the other tracks. It’s just a little support to the guys who always support vinyl. It's part of our whole movement.

    05. Aux 88 pres. Black Tokyo - Soul of Black (Arthur Oskan Beat Remix) (Remix Session 1) [Puzzlebox Records | PBX-18]

    The Black Tokyo Project cd has been very Successful for the enigmatic Duo from Detroit along with their two new Japanese members Ice truck and Erika. Remix Sessions 1 embodies some of techno music hottest and charismatic artist such as bpitch control
    Ellen Allien, Planet Es keyboard guru Niko Marks from Detroit and Canada live impresario Arthur Oskan. Ellen Allien remix Real to Reel gives a tight minimal beat driven retake on an Aux 88 funky groove. Rounding out side A Aux 88 original previously only available on the full length cd.

    Side B shows why Niko Marks can take the >Title Track Black Tokyo< in a more kraftwerken sort of way with heavy beautiful strings and funkified groove. Soul of Black shows Arthur Oskan dance production skills as he delivers a bonafide minimal bass driven delight.

    06. Vinayak A – Losing Myself feat. Dhrithi (
    Chris Fortier Remix) [Particles | Promo]

    Limited release info : 40oz remix of Bangalore's Vinayak Karthikayan forthcoming on Proton Music's sub imprint Particles.

    07. Marc Antona - Prohibition Circus [Dissonant | DS004]

    It may only be three releases old, but Marc Antona’s Dissonant imprint is fast becoming renowned for the quality of its releases. With all of them originating from the creative mind and fingers of Marc himself, this is of little surprise

    As 003, “Not The Fool” still dominates the dancefloors, helped in no small way by its impressive
    Reboot remix, Marc readies himself to unleash 004 and this time its an Antona full house. With his new album “Rules Of Madness” due for release in September, Marc delivers a choice taster with the first of three vinyl Ep’s. With the following two slated for release in August and September and with a ‘live’ mixed version of the album due to be available on CD, we are set for a fully-charged Antona summer, all kicking off today with ‘Rules Of Madness - Part.1?.

    Contrary to its name, lead cut “Prohibition Circus” sees Marc in a far from confiscatory mood. Indeed, quite the opposite. We are being treated to a hell of a show. From the opening earth moving kick drum we’re once again locked in a groove, as our Ring Master teases by dropping the rumbling bass, increasing the tension studiously and then feeding our craving with a wave of the flute, as the bass drops with gusto.

    The bass continues to rule on “Fast Track.” Whilst its name inspires haste, the slower tempo brilliantly serves to accentuate the raw power of Marc’s bassline, underpinning the rolling onslaught of the drums. Never peaking, “Fast Track” effortlessly and ironically chugs throughout.

    From the diesel power of the previous cut to the delicate deepness of final track, “Home Rebels.” The trademark bass throb is still present, yet its the xylophone melody and sparkling percussive elements that draw us in, allowing us to lose ourselves within the track. Yet another world class performance from Marc and with it still only being release number 004 for Dissonant, we can only be excited at the thought of whats to come from both!


    A1 - Prohibition Circus
    B1 - Fast
    B2 - Home Rebels

    Christian Smith - Cabeçudas [Bedrock Records | Bed98]

    Swedish genre-blurring techno master
    Christian Smith returns to John Digweed’s Bedrock label with another set of his trademark spellbinding productions. The big room vibes are most definitely flowing through these 3 choice cuts.

    “Cabecudas” (located in Santa Catarina, Brazil, for all you fact fans) is a track that has all the percussion-fuelled funk you could want as it builds through layers of nagging synths to a glorious hands-in-the-air crescendo in true show-stopping style. This will be a highlight in many big-room DJ sets all summer long, without a doubt. For the Vox version Smith gives the track an old-school jackin’ Chicago twist, bringing the percussion to the forefront and adding a memorable vocal loop hook to the proceedings.

    Meanwhile, “Fugitive” keeps the funk-factor high and focuses on a Latin percussive vibe that cannot fail to move even the most stubborn hips as it winds up the intensity with subtle ease before unleashing yet another superb hands-in-the-air moment. This is an EP you don’t want to miss out on.

    Christian Smith has been at the top of his game as a DJ and producer for over a decade, but despite enjoying a global reputation as one of the most evergreen performers in his field, times have never been quite as good as they are right now. While his roots lie in techno, Christian has never been a purist, favouring instead to flavour the melodic, rhythmical music he loves with doses of funk or interspersing the raw energy of his sets with inspired moments of pure euphoria. His big-room, genre-blurring sound is very much suited to the Bedrock ethos of releasing the best quality electronic dance music that goes beyond fads and fashion as this brand new EP demonstrates.

    With the momentum of his recent successful releases firmly behind him and with the strength of fresh inspiration driving his ambition forward, the “Cabecudas EP” from
    Christian Smith
    shows once again why he remains at the top of his game, maintaining his relevance and position at the very pinnacle of electronic music in 2011.

    Guest Mix

    Hour 2: Piemont

    01. Piemont - Born Into It / Intro [Suchtreflex | SRXCD001]
    02. Piemont - Unrest [Suchtreflex | SRX015]
    03. Philip Bader - For You (Wonderland Ghost EP) [Highgrade Records | Highgrade 098]
    04. Marcus Gehring - Can't Give Up [Upon.You Sweet & Sour Series | UYS006]
    05. Piemont - Instead Of Multiple (
    Uner Jazzy Remix) (Sand Hills Remix EP) [Suchtreflex | SRX016]
    06. Piemont - Purist [Plumbum | plumbum003]
    07. Piemont - Run-Down [Suchtreflex | SRX016]
    08. Jaxson & Keno - Silver Palm (Piemont Remix) [Yellow Tail | Promo]
    09. MiniCoolBoyz - Nizam (Piemont Remix) [Octopus Recordings | Promo]
    Dominik Eulberg
    - Teddy Tausendtod (Diorama LP) [Traum Schallplatten | TRAUM V137]

    Students of sound design and mastering, Frederic Möring-Sack and Christian Jonquieres, have been releasing music under a number of guises on their own labels, Suchtreflex and Plumbum since 2007. Their work as Phunklarique, Dejonka and now Piemont, has won them a huge fanbase, headed by many of the DJ world's leading lights

    With a musical background that has encompassed Hip-Hop and song composition, via Skate-Punk and Metal. It is quite a surprise to experience the deep and often dulcet tones of Piemont's modern productions. Their beat ridden tracks do include a certain kind of magic in terms of abstract funkiness and soul which has been growing on people ever after they have listened to their tracks for the first time.

    Many of their tracks have developed into evergreens, being played out for months and months. Now Piemont is no more a upcoming force in the scene but an established member of the top league of German producers with an international profile.
    "Carbonat" and "Black Smoker" have been major hits but also "Plumbum" has evolved on a premium track. With their acclaimed debut album on MBF, "Strange World Beyond", Piemont have for the first time explored also deeper moments in their music.

    In April 2011 Piemont released their second album "Sand Hills" (Vinyl, CD, Digital) on their own imprint Suchtreflex.

    This release was mastered direct from vinyl at the request of the DJ and as such features natural sound characteristics of this medium such as record surface noise.

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    Re: Transitions 358 with a Piemont guest mix.

    Halfway into Digweed's mix, nice and cruisy. Buttrich's Rocket is wicked.


    Quote Originally Posted by Hoff View Post
    a powerful and insane mothership that occasionally comes commanded by the real ones .. then suck us and makes us appear in the most magical of all lands
    Quote Originally Posted by m1sT3rL View Post
    Oh. My. God. James absolutely obliterated the island tonight. The last time there was so much destruction, Obi Wan Kenobi had to take a seat on the Falcon after the Death Star said "hi and bye" to Leia's homeworld.

    I got pics and video. But I will upload them in the morning. I need to smoke this nice phat joint and just close my eyes and replay the amazingness in my head.

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    Re: Transitions 358 with a Piemont guest mix.

    haven't quite got to this one yet, thanks for the info though simon

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    Re: Transitions 358 with a Piemont guest mix.

    cool piemont!
    "Not everybody can understand this house music.
    Its a spiritual thing. A body thing. Its soul thing. A soul thing. "

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