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Ellen Allien

Artist Biography

Real Name: Ellen Fraatz
Genre: Techno

Ellen Allien is on the go: as a dj, producer, label owner and fashion producer she is not only crossing medias, but rather tries connecting all available genres in independent culture. The Berlin based whirlwind has started her profession in the late 90ies, shortly after the wall came down. But her passion for music started a long time before in her childhood: teaching herself how to read notes and a jukebox with a collection of singles in her room. As a kid she idolized David Bowie. Not surprisingly, Ellen Allien is probably the closest person techno boasts to Bowie–an ambitious innovator and powerhouse; she shapeshifts nearly as often as she packs a crate of twelves and jumps on a red-eye. She also tries to become visually unique: her album covers depict a fierce, intelligent lady lording over imaginary computer landscapes, and they’re often analogies for what’s going on inside. Meanwhile she has released her fourth solo album Sool (BPC175) in May 2008 and a new one will be relesed in May 2010. In sum with the previous ones, Thrills, Berlinette, and Stadtkind, this shows not only a remarkable musically development Ellen Allien has gained within the last seven years, but also her ability of keeping the threads together. Le fils rouge is still Berlin for her, even when global living and the precarious nature of our planet and life influence her in general.