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Artist Biography

Monikers: Ribby
Genre: Downtempo , Chill, Deep ,Tech

Ribbario is from Vojvodina in Serbia from a town near Novi Sad ( home of EXIT festival ). He was Born 1975 in Zrenjanin, where he completed primary school and high school , at the age of 19 he moves to Novi Sad where he completed Law University.
He started to get into electronic music at a very young age, he worked as a DJ for numerous local clubs and radio stations between 1999 and 2003.
Today he works every now and then at private parties or in smaller clubs. He plays ambient, downtempo, chill, deep house, minimal, techhouse …
In his mixes he tries to blend together various influences, from ambiental music, chill and dub to techno, using lots of vocals in the process.
His intention is to make the mixes as listenable and pleasurable as they can get and to make them danceable even though it's downtempo.
There are always some tunes in his mixes that are not huge hits and that can't be heard in other mixes.So, pay close attention to them.
The aim is to make everything sound fresh and up to date.
He grew up listening to bands such as The Doors, Ramones, R.E.M, U2 ………
Therefore, you shouldn't be surprised if you hear a certain pop or rock theme during a mix !
In the real life He works as a lawyer in an insurance agency,
He spends his free time listening to music and mixing - which is a hobby he pays lots of time and energy to.