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Artist Biography

Real Name: Camea Hoffman
Genre: Techno / House / Minimal

Clink’s leading lady is undoubtedly one of techno’s hottest female acts. A DJ for over ten years, she began as a pianist and music lover in Seattle when she was first exposed to electronic music in the 90s. It inspired her to no end and she subsequently moved to Brooklyn where she spawned Clink with Insideout, Tim Xavier and Tony Rohr in 2005. Since then she has relentlessly worked to bring her musical vision to the world by releasing her own production and working with a diverse selection of talented artists to create the unique sound of Clink.

As a DJ, Camea has as much stage presence as she does technical ability, and her groovy, fun track selection has secured her a regular tour schedule around the world. She has graced some of the world’s hottest clubs and festivals like Amore, Fusion, Berghain, Space, Fuse, Club Der Visionare, Cityfox, Watergate, Goa, Pacha and many more, and since her relocation to Berlin in 2007 she has become one of the handful of women from America to make it to the International stage for her genre. She is also a technology advocate and DJs digitally with two midi controllers, two turntables and a laptop.

In the studio Camea is Seattle cool meets Brooklyn edge, and has a unique sound that blends her musician roots with modern melodic ideas and funky, driving percussion. She modestly says that she is still learning and has a lot to discover in her techniques, but her tracks speak for themselves as they have topped sales and DJ Charts on several occasions. When she is not in the studio or touring, Camea is usually working on new plans for the label and challenging herself to bring new ideas into reality. In 2010 she has been working with visual artists to bring the Clink graphics into shows to create a multimedia experience, in addition to organizing label events at festivals like WMC, DEMF and Sonar. She also works regularly and tours with several of the artists, and produces with long time friends Tim Xavier and Alexi Delano. (