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Artist Biography

Real Name: Hannu Kotilehto
Genre: Progressive House, Techno

"Inspired by a pile of John Digweed, Sasha, Deep Dish and Orkidea mix CD's, Homegrove started his journey into DJeing in 2001. Through hard grafting, consistent networking, and spending almost every penny on music, Homegrove has developed a record collection to die for. Labelled as one of Finlandís top class DJ talents, he has won the hearts of many bigger Finnish DJ's and charmed dancefloors across the country.
His first gigs were playing deep house at a local terrace and he still stays true to those roots, making sure that house always plays a big part of any set. Yet he is a man of many styles, going from the house to techno, and even occasionally, down tempo and indie.
Registering his name at most of Finlandís premiere club events like Screen, Fantasy, Danceteria and Jack, Homegrove has been seen playing alongside most, if not all, of the top Finnish DJs and a choice selection of international talents like Lee Burridge and Moshic.
Homegrove is a member of the X-Rust organization, a resident of Liquid Crystal Sounds-club and has his own night called Further where he plays all nighters of deep house and techno."

Also a popular Web denizen as moderator of the late, great Global Underground Forum and John Digweed's board.