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Mutant Clan

Artist Biography

Real Name: Sante Pucello, Timo Maas
Genre: Techno, Tech House

".. a few weeks ago, this new Maas Mutant Clan project came around the internet corner and I was already wondering, what the hell he was doing on Connaisseur Recordings !? The Infosheet said, that Timo had a new fellow called Santos. First thoughts in my brain: He is into business with the South Americans now - but .but2 days later I recognised this Subtellite on Cocoon and it was just clear to me: He is back. And he was in the studio again with this guy called Santos. Fortunately, my friends, its not about my Santos from Columbia, it is more about an Italian producer You have to know, the market is quite hard-fought. I mean the South-American market (Its not just all about music. I mean, someone has to invest in this lazy people market). So no reason to become nervous for me. But

.. I heard from a girl - whom I know from a luxurious private massage club from Turino, that Santos - the man from Tuscany country, the Hypnotic Tango and AC Milan (which I sold in the late 90s to an old man, who is making strange politics nowadays) - is able to create vibes, like we had in this Discoteque at Lake Garda 30 years go. Perhaps he just created a Chinese Massage for her, but it smells like he has got talent. Too many rumours crossed my way. I mean, I visited Italia quite often in the last centuries, but it was just about good wine & food. The Italian youngsters copied German Klicker Klacker and that was it. And they have not covered themselves with glory. They also coup-de-bouled Zidane in this match some years ago but I have the feeling that the case "the prophet has no honour in his own country" might happen here and Santos is ready to enter my market."

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