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Artist Biography

Real Name: Greg Oreck & Holmar Filipsson
Monikers: Thugf**ker
Genre: Electronic

Thugfucker (a name devised to keep it out of the commercial sphere of club music). Decisively underground, the New York come Iceland duo made up of Greg Oreck & Holmar Filipsson have a rich history embedded in The Big Apple’s off the beaten track party scene - avoiding the shiny lights and fighting their way through a dance prohibition that swept the city earlier this decade.

Thugfucker have triumphed to maintain their underground spirit both through Greg’s label, Live and Death, and most importantly as a DJ partnership primed for after hours grooves bringing just the right kind of beats to Room Three this Saturday. Tune into their fabric Promo Mix and read on to get to know the real story and sound of Thugfucker.