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Artist Biography

Real Name: Eduard Hartter, Markus Liefke & Richard Rotfuß
Genre: House / Minimalist / Techno

Afrilounge stands for the vision of Pure House and Electronic Music which is eagerly pursued by three guys. Their dj performance creates a musical caleidoscope from underground tunes to freaked out dance music. Their sound is represented by various styles rooted in house music, covering such different facettes from minimal techno to electrobeats.

In 2002 Eduard Hartter, Richard Rotfuß aka Richard Liapin and Markus Liefke aka Liefko founded Afrilounge. With this, the three friendly djs and producers established a solid basis in order to bundle their creative energy and to share their predelection for electronic music. After two years of common producing in the studio, they contributed their first track, „The Dude”, to the Full Body Workout compilation of Berlin..s Label „GetPhysicalMusic”. In 2005 a cooperation with Patrick Chardronnet led to their first own EP „Phonix” and the compilation track „Just for a little peek”, both appearing on Steve Bug..s PokerFlat Recordings. Furthermore they remixed MANDY..s successful clubhit „Body Language” for „Get Physical Music“ and where also represented on „Full Body Workout 2“ with another track.

2006 was a mindblowing year for Afrilounge since the release of the „Pin & Fko EP“ on Alexander Flitsch..s new founded label Connaisseur Recordings gained massive attention in the club scene. „Afrilounge..s Visionary Remix” for Nick Curly..s “Another Tearjerker” on 8Bit Records hit the closing ceremony of this years Love Parade in Berlin like a bomb.2007 is a very buisy year for Afrilounge. Till now, they dropped EP’S and remixes for 8bit records, Connaisseur Recordings, Kassette and Playmate. From Minimal to Techno, but always funky and groovy. Afrilounge is not afraid to get in touch with various styles of music. Besides long nights in the studio they have been touring the international club scene, leaving behind musical traces in such notable clubs like Tresor and Watergate (Berlin), Ultraschall (Munich), M1 (Stuttgart), Loft (Ludwigshaven) and Supermarket (Zurich), only to name a few.

In 2009 finally the three Afrilounge Guys did what so many of us expected: they released music ... and these three talented South German guys so far released only bombs. Still eveyone around knows Lux Dementia on Connaisseur or Phoenix on Poker flat. Bottomline these are Classics. Evergreens for the Techno and House Heads worldwide... It seems that in the last 6 months they released more stuff then in the last 6 years before ;) Especially their Remix Schedule was really impressive. Whether its for classic Labels like Compost or Soma or the biggest Labels around these days like 8 Bit, Systematic or Audioflys very own Supernature: All these guys do is that well known Afrilounge Sound..proper deep groovy Tech House Sound that makes your booty shake after the first bar and make you feel like in your own world. Besides all that Remix works they did lately it was also time to work on some solo releases. Liapin was the first to step in the ring. His Releases on Connaissuer and Darkroom Dubs were pretty impressive and soon after that he received a lot of own Remix requests . Next will be Liefko and after the first stuff we heard from him we are really looking forward to listen to more. Hopefully their will be soon a new Afrilounge Ep.You never know, these guys are full of mysteries.