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Steve Graham

Artist Biography

Real Name: Steve Graham
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Techno

Steve Graham is one of Florida's hottest DJ's. Steve describes himself as just your typical music lover, a man of few words. However, his talent and ability to take you through a musical journey is far from typical. His music continues to move the dance floors across Florida, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Along with, Steve is also a founding member of Tampa Bay's F*ck*ng P*rv*rts. Spawned from a group of individuals on the same path towards a common goal, Andy Mara, Butch Johnson aka NasT1, Meeko, and Steve Graham decided since there is strength in numbers, why not traverse this journey together and see what comes of it. Well what came of it was the formation of the F*ck*ng P*rv*rts. F*P* is a crew of down to earth party people wishing to bring together a few hundred of their closest friends in some of the more intimate environments surrounded by lush beats and rolling basslines.

Since their inception in 2009, the Perverts have already thrown a number of the most talked about events in the Tampa Bay area over the past year. Along with 2 sold out sunset boat cruises and several one-off type shows, they also host a monthly event called, "Cookin' Beats & BBQ", an outdoor NYC-style setting in which they invite local and internationally known DJ's. They've booked talent such as, Crazy Larry (Wagon Repair, Airdrop, Cheap Sunglasses), Worthy (Dirty Bird, Leftroom Ltd., Anabatic), Will Renuart (Electric Pickle, Miami), Basti (PLOT, Electric Pickle, Miami), and Bob Skies (Hallucination Limited). With more surprises on the horizon, both in the club and coming from the studio, you might want to keep your eyes on these F*ck*ng P*rv*rts.