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Fernando Ferreyra

Artist Biography

Real Name: Fernando Ferreyra
Genre: Progressive House

"General Information: Born in 1973, Rufino, Santa Fe, Argentina, nowadays living in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. – Studied music from 8 years, he play such instruments as guitar, piano, electronic organ.- Your father, who is his musical teacher is in addition, your biggest musical influence. – During his adolescence he play in rock – pop’s bands, parallel to his activity of Dj / Producer.-

Musical Influence

Dj: Hernn Cattaneo, Martn Garca, Sasha, Tarkan.-

Artist: Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, U2, The Cure.-

Participations as Dj: He has play in big local events (Feed, Evolution, Mei, Blue Velvet, Gotika, Tokyo, Mediterrneo, El Stano, La Macarena, Baretto) this way like out of his city (ADN Tour, La Cigale, White Room, Jackos’s Club), in which he has shared Booth with: John Creamer, Dj Tarkan, Corrie, Benedetta, Hans Tavera, Gabo, Fernando Picon, Marcos Paz, Big Fabio, Tommy Jacobs, Facundo Mohrr, Marcelo Vasami, Fran Percamilli, Tato Piatti, Oscar Lacava, and the locals: Martn Bonansea, Pablo Pinto, Deep Mariano, Toms Caturla, Mariano Favre, Nick Lay, Jonathan Okanto, Digital Industria, Gesiete among otros.-

Broadcast Radio Show: He has participated of the ADN Radio, Dancelatinoamerica Radio, and nowadays he have a monthly residence in Beattunes, has been a guest to shows of radio as: De Usuhaia a la Quiaca Hosted by Gerardo Boscarino (Frisky Radio), Proton Radio Hosted by Randall Jones, KSK Radio Hosted by Defend Droids, After 99 Hosted by Hans Tavera, Frecuencia Zoom Hosted by Cristian Gandini, Vogue FM Hosted by DjPremiumOne, DeepSounds (Special New Year Event).-

Musical Production: Your style, in performance like Dj and as Producer it is the Deep Progressive with very particular sound style, which they do that your sets include melodies and sounds to enjoy 100 % of the body and the soul.- Your tracks has been supported of: Dj Tarkan, Hans Tavera, Hernan Cattaneo, Deep Mariano, Martin Bonansea, Marcos Paz, Cristian Gandini, Nicolas Coronel, Dj Ceratti, Federico Epis, Gerardo Boscarino, amog others. – Nowadays he is working with: Bit Records Mexico, Mestiza Records, Underground Lessons Records." (TheDJlist)