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Damian Lazarus

Artist Biography

Real Name: Damian Lazarus
Genre: House, Tech, Electro

Time to blow away the mediocrity. Time to bury the has-beens that have gripped the dance world. Damian Lazarus is leading the change. He is one of a small number of DJ’s delivering a fresh sonic surge of forward thinking music and new dancefloor perspectives. Best described as dirty and deep, this is electro house and much more besides. This is a Rebel sound designed for lovers of late night madness, future dance floor classics and cutting edge new ideas. It’s time has come.

In early 2004 Damian released his first ever DJ mix album. ‘Rebel Futurism Session One’ came out to great critical acclaim. It even picked up a review in Rolling Stone magazine in the States. Damian also hooked up with Families and released the fourth in their series of free legal download mixes ( in September 2004. It broke all records with 10000 people from around the world downloading the album in just one month. Quite incredible! Damian is currently preparing the hotly anticpiated ‘Rebel Futurism Session 2’ for release in February 2005. A proper labour of love, all tracks have been roadtested for inclusion by Damian in the past six months. Expect something very special.

When did you first want to be a dj?
I bought Technics 1210s and a Numark 1775 mixer when I was 14, but I couldn't mix and didn't realise there was a career in djing until much later.

What music were you into then?
Mainly hip hop, electro, soul and funk. I then discovered house, hardcore and jungle whilst at college in '89.

Has music always been a part of your life?
Yes, before working at record labels and djing I was a music journalist, I was the Assistant Editor and Music Editor at Dazed and Confused magazine between '93 and '96 and freelanced for other publications.

What were your favourite interviews?
I did so many but I guess the special ones were meeting and interviewing KRS-One, Chuck D, India (from Masters At Work), Wyclef Jean, Photek and Mathiew Kassovitz, not forgetting the time I interviewed Gonzo from The Muppets.

How did you start working in the music industry?
I was offered a consultant A&R job at London Records and later set up City Rockers with the same guy from London.

When did you set up Crosstown Rebels?
In 2004. I left City Rockers with a plan to start out on my own. Now we have a small but efficient and enthusiastic team of people and an amazing family of artists.

When did you have your first real djing break?
In 2002 at the City Rockers party. Bodyrockers, where I was a resident. I then got asked to play at the Sonar festival in Barcelona at Space in Ibiza.

What has happened since then?
I have defined my sound, played some amazing parties and travelled the world with some incredible music.

Describe your sound now?
Twisted, raw, deep underground techno, house and electro. Crazy future music that works just as well at peak times in large clubs as it does in the early hours in small spaces.

What does the future hold?
Continuing to play records at some of the best parties around, releasing amazing music on Crosstown Rebels, working on music soundtracks for movies and generally enjoying life with a smile.