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Artist Biography

Real Name: Daniel Becker, Yannick Labbe
Genre: House, Deep House

"trickski is the collaboration of the two producers and djs yannick labbé and daniel “stoerte” becker.
they first joined forces in 2004, even though they had known each other long before. originally from freiburg, they got infected with club music at rainer trüby’s monthly “root down” joint.
after moving to berlin, it was time to start trickski. yannick had just released his first 12″ “hotbox/gallieni” on cabinet records while daniel had successfully run his own club nights.
trickski’s first release “hormony”, a dirty consense track for the nujazz and cosmic crowd, kicked off the black label series on compost records. “sweat”, the follow – up ep for sonar kollektiv, was designed to satisfy the leftfield and house/techno crowds. and that, it did: carl craig, trickski’s long time idol, selected “sweat” for his fabric 25 mix compilation and turned it into a small underground hit.

a few remixes later, jazzanova – impressed by the fresh and unique sound of trickski – decided to give them the responsability for a new club series on their label Sonar Kollektiv: Trickskis’ own label “member of the trick” was born, with yannick and daniel as the labels’ a&rs and designers.
they signed artists like the somewhat rare and strange leroy and darnell from detroit, movementz from england and the skwerl from vienna who delivered an instant, world-wide vocal house hit with his anthem “all woman” featuring hubert tubbs of tower of power-fame as a vocalist. trickski of course, released their own music on MOTT as well. “at les,” a cover version of carl craigs classic techno tune, was featured on MOTT02 next to “grace,” a slomo dark scifi soundtrack, that could feature a colonel kurtz – grace jones cooperation. releases by the future beat investigators from finland and the world-renowned Solomun followed. As well as a CD compilation that summed up the “MOTT” spirit in style.
at the moment, trickski are working on their long – awaited album.

trickskis dj sets are open-minded sweat fests: they are moving the floors in a triangle between deep and jacking house to techno and rocking disco and cosmic tunes… if you are only interested in a straight night of minimal techno you are wrong booking trickski. but you can expect great music, surprises and sweat all over!

trickski djs at cookies and weekend (berlin), fabric, the end and bar54 (london), club 11 (amsterdam), goa (madrid) zukunft (zurich), apt (new york), branca leone (rome), dada (tel aviv), the electric pickle (miami)
and many more…" (