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The Timewriter

Artist Biography

Real Name: Jean Francois Cochois
Genre: House / Electronica / Down-tempo

Since more than a 15 Years now, The Timewriter aka Jean F. Cochois is respected as one of the top producers within the international House scene. His trademark style can be characterised by his dense and atmospheric sound which is based on sophisticated musicality and thoughtful profundity that goes far beyond dancefloors and mere entertainment. Take UK Muzik magazine's judgement as a good measure: "This is real 21st century soul music, overflowing with magic. For Anyone who ever had a Heart.". Under various pseudonyms, the best known of which is The Timewriter, he has been releasing 12inches and 8 artist albums on such renowned labels as Plastic City, Mole Listening Pearls, Elektrolux and American labels such as Wave Music, Fiji, as well as on Driftwood or Tonika, both Labels he founded with his good mate Norman Feller.

With "Deep Train" he presents his own Dj Mix compilation series of wich Vol.6 "Dedication" became compilation of the month in MixMag Uk ealier this year.

The many facets of his artist personality are highlighted by his striking ability of amalgamating the deep Soul of Motown with synthetic sound productions. Already in his music boarding school time, he eagerly explored the field of composition and became familiar with the most diverse music styles. He looked up to bands like Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan,Thomas Dolby, Ultravox, Alan Parson..s, Vangelis and Jean Michelle Jarre. Soul artists like Bobby Womack, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder or Al Green are also among his Heroes until the present day. As other important sources of inspiration he includes Bands like Roxy Music (Bryan Ferry) and Marillion (Fish) who fascinate him with their slight tendency towards melancholy and calming seriousness.

As producer he creates albums which over the years are far from loosing their magic and appeal. Instead they should become an integral part of the CD selection and be rediscovered again and again. Jean F. Cochois refrains from merely stringing together song after song but always has an overall concept in mind. Intros, interludes, lyrics and artwork are as important to him as emotions and the avoidance or deliberate use of clich+eacute. His core idea is to communicate with his audience.

Not only as a producer, but also as a remixer, Jean F Cochois has earned great respect. Amongst his many remixes he has worked for artists such as the ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür (Yamo), Mike Oldfield, Yello, Faithless and Boy George to name a few. As a highly sought after DJ, he travels the world and plays in places such as New York, London, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Hungary or Russia. As resident DJ he played in Sven Väths Cocoon Club.