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Yunus Guvenen

Artist Biography

Genre: progressive house

Born in 1978 in Paris, France, Yunus spent most of his life between Istanbul, Paris and the United States. After completing his Electrical Engineering degree at Tufts University, MA, he quickly moved to New York City in order to look for a profession and began producing music on his spare time. His third achieved composition was handed to Cass during his performance at Twilo, the phone rang two weeks later with a contract on the other end and his production/licenses have consistently been in demand since.

After writing a series of productions for Silver Planet and Regress Records in 2002 which many have been included in various BBC Essential mixes as well John Digweed Kiss Fm shows, Yunus released “Mavi-Sufi” and the WMC 2002 anthem contender “Red Pilot”. The latter announced his first steps into the league of internationally followed progressive/house producers.

However it is in 2003 that Yunus Guvenen succeeded to become one of the most looked upon names in the progressive arena. After completing a high selling double EP on John Digweed’s prestigious Bedrock label, which earned him “Best Progressive EP of the year” through many sites and articles (SoundRevolt, Clubextreme, Residentadvisor etc…), he quickly strengthened his reputation by releasing the “Headfirst EP” on Silver Planet which many magazines (IDJ, DJ Mag) have noted as one of the best releases of the label within the past years.

Finally Yunus Guvenen has symbolically been asked by John Digweed himself to remix Bedrock’s first ever release “Heaven Scent” for the label’s 50 th Anniversary, the result was quoted as “one of the most exciting and inventive remix I have heard in the past few years” by J. Digweed himself and has consequently been the set closure track of the prominent DJ for several months.

Regarded by many critics as one of the most original voices in the industry, Yunus Guvenen has also succeeded to carve himself a strong following of listeners through his 4-5 hour dj sets and by hosting two John Digweed Kiss FM shows in the past two years. Through dedication, charismatic stage performance, and continuous research for innovative music and flowing sets Yunus has started to become a favorite in many countries including England, Poland, Greece, Romania, Hungary, France, Italy, and has already performed at the world’s leading venue’s.

Yunus disappeared from the scene sometime around 2005 - 2006. It is widely believed that he was abducted by aliens, but he actually retreated to the mountains of Nepal to meditate. He ended his vow of silence in 2010 with a remix of De Nuit's "All that Matters".