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Tino Deep

Artist Biography

Genre: Progressive House

"Music has always been part of Tino,and he always loved the deep part of it.Tino Deep has been into music since his exceptionally early ages whilst his passion inside has in fact grown until present to outline his experiences.Well estabilished name in Progressive/Underground scene,He..s been dj’ing for over 8 years. He first started playing EDM music in 2001-2002 where he was given a chance to host his weekly radio show named Mixpress on a local radio station . Tino Deep plays a number of different genres including deep, tech and progressive house.

With his passion and talent for electronic music, he managed to become a well known name in the area which led him to play in various events across the country and region and from that experience of playing infront of big crowds it persuaded him to concentrate more on his dj’ing which also led him to organize successful electronic music events..The style of music Tino Deep plays is a mixture of deep progressive electronica reflected on the surface of house music and it continues to evolve in trying to estabilish his own mark while continuing to experiment and travel into uncharted territories. His own representation of music is something special that has been developed through many years of listening to music put out by pioner progressive house labels like Global Underground, Bedrock, Renaissance, Yoshitoshi,Pitch Black, Plastica to name a few and nowadays mainly keeping ear on the music that have been released by labels such as : Mestiza Records, Bit Mexico Records,Jetlag Digital,Contrast,Morphosis,DeepSessions,Soundtribe,Frisky Rec. ,Existence,Sudam, No Smoking,Toes In The Sand,Lups,BCSA,Bellarine,Kansak,Atlant Digital,Xela Digital,Tilth Music,Silk,Ascension Rec., Dark Pleasure, Panda Rec.,Acute Rec.,Mistique Music,Carica Deep,Proton and many many more .

The style of music in Tino Deep sets is more focused on generating emotional atmospheres and feelings with a deep dark progressive sound.His mixes are well known for their sensitivity, rare and sophisticated noncommercial sounds. Dark, Deep,Emotive, Techy,Melodic,Progressive – that’s the music you can expect in Tino's mixes.

Tino Deep hosts two radio shows:Deep Visions On Pure.Fm Radio and Stereo Poems on and has participated in many other Radios&Shows such as Frisky Radio, Proton Radio,, RadioDeepSounds, Odu.Fm,,Pure.Fm,,Radio One, etc.Tino Deep also helds a monthly residency on a Website&Radio mainly focused on presenting noncommercial artists&sounds!" (Facebook)