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Desyn Masiello

Artist Biography

Genre: House / Progressive House

Born and raised in London Desyn was exposed to the acid house and rave movement in his teens and a devoted regular at the legendary outdoor traveler raves around the UK at that time. By 1992 Desyn had seen and heard enough to know that his life, for the foreseeable future, would be ever committed to the raising of the human consciousness through music. From the raw edgy energy of the traveler parties, to the flourishing club scene all over the UK, Desyn took in all the scenes and frequented many diverse events covering sounds from early Balearic house, to the emergence of hardcore and early drum and bass, the early trance sounds of labels like eyeQ records, the soulful US garage sound and the roots of progressive house made famous by groups like Leftfield and Underworld. He bought his first set of turntables in 1990 and spent most of his spare time in dusty second hand London record basements gradually amassing a wide and varied range of early house, balearic and techno. His professional DJ career all began in 1999 with one mix CD that he took a considerable amount of time and love preparing, he sent it out to one hundred random people that requested the CD from a post on various Internet message boards. After a few months the CD had been passed all around the world and ended up on the laps of various promoters and DJs. Desyn, although completely unknown at the time began to get international gig requests. From his first international gigs in 2001 to his chaotic schedule today, it all sparked off from that one mix CD. Once described by John Digweed as the man that never sleeps, it is a testament to Desyns hard work and ability to unearth original and undiscovered threads in the tapestry of house music that his peers recognize and respect. Desyn has released numerous mix cds on some of the most respected labels and brands including Yoshitoshis In house we trust 3, Bedrock OS1, and Balance 008, the later credited as the no.1 album of 2005 by the UK dance magazine M8. Over the past decade he has continued to develop his two co-owned record labels Alternative Route and Sexonwax, and now brand new label Soulglow (with Rowan Blades). His productions with The Idiots 'Feel The Rush' and 'Keep it Real' (Sexonwax) were featured on Danny Howells' 24/7 Compilation and his first remix (Solar Plexus) on Deep Dish's Global Underground (025). Desyn has since appeared in the DJ mag top 100 poll for 3 years consecutive years and more recently a new focus as he joins forces with lifetime friends Omid16B & Demi to create the DJ alliance, SOS. Drawing inspiration from their rich musical heritage and friendship, SOS was born of a desire to create synergy and to see what is really possible when three heads are focused together on one objective. SOS Balance 013 was released on EQ recordings in April 2008 worldwide.