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Artist Biography

Real Name: Dennis White, Rowan Blades
Monikers: ThermalBear, Breeder, Pariah
Genre: Electronic, Tech, Techno, Dub

Sirenize is the latest project involving Rowan 'Breeder' Blades and rising star Dennis White (aka ThermalBear of Traum).

Having provided the opener for Bedrock_Underground Sounds of Miami, with 'Everybody' a track that John Digweed had been using for several months early on in his sets to create the right vibe, the pairing have had previous Bedrock releases as Rowdent.

Blades will be familiar to many for his work as duos like Breeder & Pariah, as well as for his work alongside the likes of John 'Quivver' Graham. Omid 16B & Chris Lake.

Complimenting Rowan is the classical percussionist and modern electronic production fiend Dennis White (aka ThermalBear] who was picked up by Sasha as part of the select group of talented producers that stood out as part of a Burn Studios & IMC (International Music Summit) tie in. Dennis's unique sound has been picked up by the über cool Traum Schallplatten stable with him remixing the likes of Minilogue, Applescal, Fairmont & Thomas Bjerring as well as Sasha's 'Cut Me Down' which was a highlight of Dave Seaman's latest Renaissance Masters Series.

Rowan gives a further insight into Sirenize :

"I was fortunate enough to meet a very talented young producer called Dennis White. He was already on the road himself, making tracks and mixes regularly. For the first time in many years, I had met someone that primarily I liked as a person, and secondly had immense talent to boot. Whats important is that you can actually bear each other, and understand the different roles one takes. Dennis doesn't need anyone else to make amazing music, he can do it alone, however, he was short on experience and just wanted to move things on a little. Since knowing Dennis I have learnt a hell of a lot and he has influenced my direction and tastes vastly."

This duo never compromises, always staying true to the underground with a strict artistic ethos & integrity.  Sirenize represents a more diverse palate of sounds, and is the culmination of some serious studio time, spent exploring sonic possibilities and experimenting with rich textures, tones and percussion.Sirenize have been working with a range of up and coming vocalists, with deep tantalising and intoxicating results.

Selected Feedback //

[John Digweed] "Sirenize's 'Everybody' has a great groove, with its swung percussion and rolling bass, and really helps set the mood for the night ahead. I have been playing this for the past few months quite early on in my sets and it never fails to create the right vibe."

[Beats & Beyond] "Sound wise this compilation falls into the progressive category, with a wide range of deep and techy influences mixed in. Sirenize's Everybody immediatley sets the mood for more hotness"

[Data Transmission] "John Digweed’s long-standing Bedrock label has been at the forefront of the progressive and tech-house sound for well over a decade now and this LP featuring exclusive tracks from artists and friends of the imprint show that it is very much still at the top of its game. As ever with this imprint Digweed himself has been very much hands-on for this album, released as the title suggests, for the Winter Music Conference and has been road-testing all the tracks in his DJ sets in recent months. Featuring producers from all over the world this also shows that while trends in electronic music may come and go, quality underground house music will continue to be a sound embraced by dance-floors globally. It kicks off in fine style with the chunky Everybody from Sirenize (Rowan Blades and Dennis White) with its tribal, brooding sound made for dark rooms."