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Greg Benz

Artist Biography

Real Name: Greg Benz
Genre: House/Progressive

Language: English
Originating from London, Ontario, Canadian DJ Greg Benz ( began his first residency in 1999 at DV8 nightclub. In early 2000 he joined the RISE! Family, a predominant production company in South-Western Ontario as the resident DJ for their clubs and special events. Greg maintained a busy traveling schedule performing at numerous clubs and events across North America including the infamous Sona (Montréal) and Turbo (Toronto). In a short time Greg managed to quickly climb the ranks and earn himself a spot as one of the most wanted progressive DJ’s in Canada.

In the summer of 2001, Greg put the finishing touches on his collection of studio gear.

Greg and his studio partner Marco Di Carlo were introduced at a local club where Greg was holding a monthly residency. Their mutual admiration for progressive house, atmospheric breaks and techno, soon led them to the studio where their experimenting and writing inevitably set the foundation of what their sound offers today.

In 2003, Benz & MD ( ) have exploded onto the global dance music scene with seven signed compositions, a handful of remixes and endless praises by some of the world’s top producers and DJ’s. The duo has a very promising future ahead for them. Their sound can be described as a fresh, sophisticated blend of deep melodies, twisted grooves and tight arrangements that captivates the listener from start to finish.

While growing up in Southern Ontario, music was a dominant force in the duos lives. Hip Hop, house music and compilations by Sasha and Digweed served as a preface to Greg’s DJ career. With over 8 years as a DJ now under his belt, Greg has played along side some of the worlds top DJ’s such as Max Graham, Richie Hawtin, John Acquaviva, Chris Fortier, Donalde Glaude, Dave Ralph and Mistress Barbara. Greg’s knowledge for the mechanics of dance music and his understanding of what it takes to make a crowd move are not only evident in his hometown but also spans the global scene. In April of 2003 John Digweed himself invited Benz to share the airwaves with him on his esteemed radio program on Kiss FM. The international feedback of Greg’s set for the KISS FM show has positioned Greg Benz as the next generation of up and coming DJ’s to watch for.

While Marco’s tastes led him to a formal musical training background, his teaching and playing music as a teen helped shape his musical vocabulary. Marco dipped his melodic hands into all types of music from classical, jazz and blues, to soul and hard rock. The guitar was his instrument of choice but after being introduced to the lush and intricate sounds of groups like Underworld, Orbital, Depeche Mode and Way Out West; Marco soon switched over to synthesizers, samplers and software-based instruments. Also an accomplished and world wide recognized digital artist, Marco draws on his musical talents as an extension of his artistry. Where by the layering and texturing of sounds can be paralleled to painting with colours and composition.

Benz&MD’s initial demo material received enthusiastic responses from several established record labels and prompted John Digweed to personally call and comment on the quality of each composition. The initial seven demos were all signed and remixes were also commissioned. International support was received from such DJ’s as Satoshie Tomeii, John Acquaviva, Jerry Bonham, Matthew Dekay, Mick Burns, Shiloh, Starkid, Subsky, Fred Numpf and Brad Copeland.

In early 2004 there own record label “Aurium Recordings”( will be up and running. The label is run by Greg, Marco and partner David Strauss and will concentrate on pushing a more melodic progressive sound. Tracks and remix’s already signed by Benz & MD themselves, Subsky, Bluehaze, Shiloh, Delikate Imposters with many more to follow…

With more productions, a record label and remixes already in the works for 2004, you can listen for a tougher, deeper polished sound from the duo who will continue pushing the sonic envelope to emotionally charge their listeners on and off the dance floor.