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Artist Biography

Real Name: Uroš Umek
Genre: Techno

Uroš Umek (born May 16, 1976 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, better known as DJ Umek or simply Umek).

Uroš Umek is an internationally acclaimed deejay and music producer from Slovenia, author of more than 500 releases (2009 data) for world renown record labels such as Renaissance, Armada, Cocoon Records, Audiomatique, Hell Yeah, Tronic, Datapunk amidst many others. Accompanied with his affiliates and colleagues he organized the first electronic music parties – so called “raves” in homeland Slovenia in the begging of 90’s of the 20th century. Pioneering the genre and parties he became worldwide simply known as “Fotr” – the Father of Slovenian techno and electronic culture.

Together with partners and peers he has developed and created various creative initiatives, clubbing nights and big music events, such as Astrodisco nights in Ljubljana’s club K4, Party for a cause – humanitarian open air party with Umek in Ljubljana’s park Tivoli, Day Of Electronics in Ljubljana's Križanke venue and summer creative-music festival DiscoNautica in the city of Koper. These events with Umek’s signature have achieved lots of popularity and almost cult status among youngsters. Together with his peers Umek has established production platforms such as Recycled Loops, Consumer Recreation and new venture 1605 – Sixteenofive, with which they defined “Slovenian techno sound” and launched it as an important driving force on the global club scene.

Umek’s releases have been included on the premiere club compilations mixed by artists such as Sander Kleinenberg, Judge Jules, Eddie Halliwell, John Digweed, M.I.K.E. and Carl Cox. With various coproductions he proves he is not trapped into boundaries of techno genre. Umek remixed Depeche Mode’s I Feel Loved, Slovenian groups Laibach (band) - singel Tanz Mit Laibach and Silence. The first being probably the nation's biggest musical export alongside Umek.