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Marcelo Vasami

Artist Biography

Real Name: Marcelo Vasami
Genre: Progressive House

His interest in electronic music dates back to his adolescence, mainly by listening to house music. Born in 1984, djing came as second nature to him and soon enough so was producing. First, by playing in private parties for friends. Then, more and more often in bars and clubs all over Argentina. So far, he has shared booth with international talented djs such as Pole Folder, Naveen G, Neil Quiqley, Osamu M, Federico Epis, and many others. As a part of the Sol Solar Bookings crew, Marcelo has become a dj with international reach, by already playing in "Bombay" and “Rioma” in Mexico, "El Pacha" in Tunisia, "Dance Club Mania" in Bulgaria, “Dreams Beach” “Fenix Party” Brazil, Key Club in Uruguay, “Warmland” Paraguay. At the production level, the support from Argentinean djs such as Martín García, Guille Quero, Deepmariano and the finest Hernán Cattáneo, is continuos. So also Internacionals djs such as Anthony Pappa, Eelke Kleijn, GPal, Anna María X. If you check out his name on digital music stores, you will find dozens of releases on high quality labels: Toes in the Sand, Acute, FeralCode, Sound Tribe Recordings, just to name a few. Vasami's prductions speak for its own. Groove, dark progressive beats and gloomy sounds are a constant feature in his sets. What are his goals? To continue travelling the globe and expanding his refined taste for music. (MySpace)